Учим английский, просматривая видео



TED Talk: James Veitch “The Agony of Trying to Unsubscribe“. Well worth seeing!


Level: Intermediate +

Language: British English

Length: 10 min.

English + Russian subtitles, script

Our never-ending desire to inspire students brought us to TED Talks (why we chose it see here http://brain-storm.com.ua/blog/kak-okruzhit-sebya-anglijskim3/ ).


Today lets watch and discuss humorous, hilarious, and a bit sarcastic speech of James Veitch that will get you look on the bright side of life and will definitely make your day!

Marketing emails can be very annoying, can’t they? You are sent dozens, even hundreds of them every day. They are eating up your time and spamming your email box, and it seems impossible to get rid of them. James Veitch, a British comedian and writer, offers us a great solution.



Have a look at a list of some useful vocabulary that you may need while watching:

The other day -  a few days ago

I went to see my mother the other day.

Resent - to feel angry and upset about

I resent the fact that they think … I should be excited about a shop opening.

Scroll up/down - to move text or an image on a computer screen

I scrolled down to the bottom of the email.

Minutiae of life - small and often not important details

It’s hard enough to discriminate between the things that genuinely matter in this world and the minutiae of life.

Query - question

I’ve asked a colleague to help me with your query.

Non-refundable deposit – money not returned

The deposit on the bouncy castle was non-refundable.

Mundane – routine

Even something as mundane as getting out of the car can be fun if you find the right game.

Believe it or not – something is true although it seems surprising

I had other stuff to do, believe it or not.