BBC news Episode 1


Being a teacher I’ve often been asked by my students: What’s the best way to improve my skills? Never dying question! There are lots of options and you could have a look at some of these here


Today let’s have a look at one of them – Oh, I know that look – you probably think - news, I hate news, it is boring and hard to understand! But let’s give it a try and you’ll see how interesting and inspiring this could be.


At the web-site you could find lots of options to entertain yourself. From having a light read like this to things more serious like politics.


What I’m the most interested in is short videos on different topics

For your attention every week I’ll offer 3 videos on these topics to see how interesting and easy this kind of skills’ improvement could be ;)



 Do you often lose your umbrella? I do! Smart technology-geniuses offer us the solution.


Do you believe in magic of medicine? See what it’s achieved this year! ;) 


And finally STAR WARS! A few words from charming princess Leia!