Эффективное изучение английского с помощью видео



Language: American English

Level: Intermediate +

Have you ever seen the animation film “Finding Nemo”? Or “Toy Story”, or “WALL-E”? Maybe you have seen all of them. Have you ever thought what makes us feel as if the animation characters were real? Why do we rejoice and grieve with them? Danielle Feinberg, Pixar's director of photography, reveals some secrets how she creates believable fantastic worlds and brings her digital heroes to life. Enjoy this incredible, touching and inspirational TED-talk, a “wonderfully told amazing journey of self-discovery”.

To make a living


to earn enough money to support yourself

You can’t make a living being an artist!




writing code for a computer programme / application

I have always loved coding. And so I decided to study computer programming in college.


Junior year


the 3rd year in a college/university

In my junior year, my computer graphics professor showed us these wonderful short films.

To come together


to be united


Math, science and code could come together to create these worlds and stories.

To place


to put smth in a particular place

Lighting in practice is placing lights inside this 3D world.


The world comes to life

the world starts to act or move as if alive

It’s the moment when suddenly the world comes to life as if it’s an actual place that exists.

To look appealing


to look attractive/interesting

I learned how to make a character look appealing or stand out in a busy set.


To stand out


to be easily seen, noticeable



making smb believe that smth is true

We tried so hard to make WALL-E this convincing robot that we made his binoculars practically optically perfect.



an image in a mirror / on water

We started lighting and we realized the triple lenses inside his binoculars were a mess of reflections.

eureka moment


the moment when you suddenly understand something important, have a great idea, or find the answer to a problem

And then we have our eureka moment: we add a light to WALL-E that accidentally leaks into his eyes.